Frequently Asked Questions

While we welcome your emails or phone calls asking us about our various services and how we can help you, we have collected some of the most common questions that we receive below for your convenience.

If your question is not answered below (or even if they are but you still want to speak with us), please do not hesitate to contact us 239.449.9200 or

Your initial consultation is always free! We will not charge you until we know that we can help you and that you are happy with our work. If we cannot help you or you decide to go somewhere else (though we doubt you will), we will not bill you and you will never receive an invoice from our offices.
We handle almost any type of transaction that you or your small or medium size business will encounter. From helping you form your limited liability company or corporation, until your final sale or dissolution, we can help you achieve the best possible outcome. Everyday we help clients just like you form their company, raise money, protect their intellectual property, minimize taxes, comply with state and federal regulations, lease office space, sell their assets or merge with another business. Basically, we help you do business.
Traditionally we charge clients $275 an hour for most types of legal services. However, we now provide clients with the option of reasonable fixed fees or low monthly subscription rates. These alternative payment plans allow businesses to budget their legal expenses while ensuring that they will always receive the best legal advice available.

While it is impossible to estimate our fees in every legal case before we meet, we have included our normal fees for some of our most common services for you to consider:

Company Formation: $750.00

Contract or Lease Review: $250-$750

Demand Letters: $500-$750

Sale Agreements: $500-$1250

Private Offerings (Reg D.): $2000-$5000
Subscription pricing allows clients to make full use of our services for a fair flat monthly fee.

For our subscription clients we provide all of their legal work (except litigation) for a monthly fee of $1500-$5000. That is, for that one payment, the client gets an unlimited number of legal hours, twenty-four hour concierge service, an attorney dedicated to the client's success, a lawyer that has the time to truly understand their unique business and more.
Perfect for businesses of all sizes looking to get the most value for their legal dollar.
Yes. We work with a number of small businesses and startups that have promising futures but the same cash flow problems nearly all ventures experience when getting off the ground. Therefore, our practice is built to provide the best legal services in the most efficient and flexible way possible. By keeping our overhead low and leveraging the economies of scale from focusing solely on businesses, we are able to offer many of our clients (1) installment plans; (2) delayed payment; (3) the ability to pay all or part of their bill with equity; or (4) almost any other arrangement that will allow our clients to employ our services without breaking the bank.
Simply, the best. In addition to providing top notch legal advice, we differentiate ourselves by giving clients service and attention not seen from most traditional law firms. Specifically, we respond to calls and emails in minutes and not days, we turn most assignments around in hours and not days or weeks, we keep you informed of your matter and what to expect, we make ourselves available after hours and on the weekends, we come to your place of business and whatever else it takes to make sure that our clients are happy with their choice for legal representation.
Yes. While some firms have more attorneys, those attorneys are spread out in different offices in different cities and often different states. Trying to work together in situations like that completely destroys any efficiency that working together may create. Also, sending documents back and forth between assistants and having to explain the client and matter to new attorneys who may never even see the client, adds unneeded costs and time to your work.

By focusing on you and your business and only serving a select few clients at any one time we are able to make up for what we lack in size with first hand knowledge of what you need and relevant experience working with other small to mid-sized businesses. We have clients come to us from AmLaw 100 firms (the 100 largest law firms in the world) and they stay with us because we provide better more knowledgeable and personable service. In the event that we are unable to provide something requested by a client, we keep relationships with a number or larger firms that have unique skills in particular industries and are able to provide whatever support we need.
Easy, call me at (239) 449-9200 or email me at Typically, I can meet with you within twenty-four hours of your request--most of the time, same day.
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